Occupied Palestinian Territory Convergences Forum

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2021 Convergences Occupied Palestinian Territory
Supporting Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Palestinian Territory through Digital Inclusion

Convergences is very happy to welcome you to the very first Convergences Forum in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt)! On October 14th, join us online, live from our platform and Facebook page to meet the professionals working towards sustainable and inclusive growth in Palestine by spreading digital tools!

Co-constructed with members of the Working Group composed of experts of the digital sector in Palestine, the Convergences oPt Forum aims to be a place where key issues are discussed and where projects supporting the dissemination of digital tools to build a 3Zero Palestine – Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty are encouraged and valorised.

Connect with us live from wherever around the globe and chat live with professionals in Palestine to know more about projects, solutions and initiatives developed to create sustainable economic growth, empower vulnerable communities and bridge socio-economic gaps between individuals with digital tools!

Where, When, How ?

Be part of the movement & get inspired at the first Convergences oPt Forum, join us live on October 14th for 6 sessions dedicated to how digital tools can be a solution for youth employment, better inclusivity for training and formation, and a valuable tool for the development of all organisations in Palestine where you’ll be able to exchange live with the speakers. You’ll also discover an exclusive session held by ACTED on its on-going program focusing on Supporting Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Palestinian Territory through digital inclusion!