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Dr. Saro Nakashian

EFE - Palestine



Dr. Saro Nakashian CEO Education for Employment Palestine, Assistant Professor Birzeit University is a seasoned management and marketing expert with over 25 years experience developing and managing programs that build the Marketing and management capabilities of individuals and organizations to succeed. Through the years of study, teaching, training, consulting, coaching and doing he has worked in Academia, NGO’s, private sector, and has experience with, including but not limited to EU, UNIDO, UNRWA, WB, MEPI, AusAid and USAID. He holds a B.sc. in Management, MBA concentration Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University a M.Phil in HR and Entrepreneurship from the Maastricht School of Management the Netherlands, and a Ph.D. in Entrpreneurship from Yerevan State University. Chairman of the Board Juzoor Foundation, Former Chairman of the Board WorldVision Jerusalem, Board Member East Jerusalem YMCA and Central Committee Member World Alliance YMCA Geneva.

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